Blouse for Lehenga

5 Different Blouse Styles for Lehenga

For a Lehenga to be worn with pride and style, carrying the right blouse is very important. In fact more important than the Lehenga is the Blouse that has to be adorned. It is the blouse that is the most evident as far as the other parts of the entire ensemble are concerned. The Lehenga is a globally known formal ensemble which has been traditionally used to celebrate the womanhood. It is primarily worn by the Women and Girls of any age and is normally worn on celebratory occasions.

While majorly the sleeves can be played with the necklines and the cuts of the blouses also can be designed with gorgeous cuts. The neck lines are the most impactful as far as the blouse fronts and backs are concerned. While the cloth that has to be designed makes a lot of difference to the blouse, it is also the cutting and finishing that has to be taken care of. Chanderi, Sequin studded and shimmer cotton are the best fabrics to play around when it comes to the delicate seams and softer designs. For a heavier Lehenga, the blouse should be a little heavier as well. Adding zari and stones should be the last resort unless you really need to add some jazz to the ensemble.

While there are many readymade Lehengas, to really explore the royalty, get a handmade and hand embroidered Lehenga to experience the real feel. We give you the best blouses that would complement your persona.

  • The short Sleeves design: In this design of the blouse, the sleeves and the necklines are focussed upon whereas the base fabric is on the subtler edge. This way the neck and the sleeves are accentuated.
  • Elbow sleeves: Such blouses are very elegant and do not look trashy. This way the blouse is made to have sleeves that end just above the elbows and the neck is normally a boat line to add to the royal feel. Such blouses look very stylish in darker and sheer fabrics
  • Sequin blouses: these blouses are shimmery and also shine in the dark or dim lights. This is why such blouses are best suited for cocktail events and parties. A back less blouse or a deeper one with the “latkan” is the best suited.
  • Sheer Blouse with long sleeves: Nothing looks more scintillating than the full sleeved blouse that has sleeves in sheer fabric and the base is thicker. Such blouses have a heavy tone to them and also the sleeves that are made are made to the full length. Beautiful and elegant, the blouses are best suited to longer full length Lehengas.
  • Extra Length for flab: This is what any woman who is a little plumper on the size can wear. With just the right amount of flab that is covered, it is the perfect to be worn on any occasion and by anyone since it covers the flab and makes the woman look leaner.

Choosing the right Blouse based on your body type and the Lehenga is the most important aspect of designing the Lehenga.