Wedding Outfit

5 Tips to Choose Best Wedding Outfit

Weddings are a grand affair and have to celebrate with style and elegance to complete the ambiance and the celebration. But when you have to be a part of the wedding for days together, participating in each and every ritual that has to be carried out, choosing the wedding outfit is more a matter of comfort than only style. While the budgets and the colors are most important, it is also necessary to match the outfits with the ambiance and the theme of the wedding. We give you five best ways to choose a wedding outfit to make your statement elegant and comfortable.

Tip 1: Match your outfit with the theme of the wedding. If you have a fire brand theme which has hues in orange and yellow, to wear green and brown would not match the backgrounds around making you look too loud and misfit. Similarly, in case you have flowers and ornate decorations in the wedding, to wear an airy outfit is a better option as compared to the heavy jazzy styles.

Tip 2: To match the outfit of the bride and groom is better suggested. A complimentary feel has to be attached to the outfits that have been chose. The groom in white and off white and the bride in purple does not seem to match well. Also, such looks great in a pre-wedding and wedding shoot. Make sure you have one!

Tip 3: Please look at the weather forecast: You cannot have a flowing gown and fairy themes in the rainy seasons. Also, in winters no matter how brave you may be, to fall sick by wearing sheer and lace is not a good idea in weddings that are held in open areas. Velvet and Crepes are definitely better suited.

Tip 4: Plan as per the budget: Every bride and every groom wishes to dress up the best when it comes to their special day. But that does not mean that anything can be splurged upon. To know the limits of the expense is important. Whatever you wish to wear on your wedding must fit the budget that has been defined.

Tip 5: Mix and match an Ensemble: Buy an ensemble that could be worn again. There is absolutely no need to spend insane amounts of money on a wedding ensemble that would stay neatly folded up for the rest of the life. It is essential to wear something that can be worn again later even if it means mixing and matching a bit. May be the bottom with a crop top or the upper with pants!

Apart from the other criteria, to choose long life fabrics and quality garments is also suggested. Such clothes do not lose their sheen in a long time also thereby increasing the life of the ensemble. Also, the jewelry needs to be matched as well. If you are going heavy on your ears, keep the necklines relatively lighter and vice versa. Also, makeup is an essential part of the wedding ensemble. For being on the safer side it is also necessary to try the entire look once before the wedding such that you are not in for surprises on the Day.

Nothing can go wrong about your look if you pre-decide what to wear and do not try out new things on the wedding day. Make sure that your overall look is well planned in advance to avoid any last minute rushes.

And of course, to look your best you would have to flash the smile!