Lehenga Choli Tips for Slimmer Look

How to Wear Lehenga Choli to Look Slim?

A lehenga Choli is one of the attires that is not only wonderful in terms of the appearance that it lends to the women but for the myriad of colours and styles that can be added to the persona. This is why to make sure that you are wearing the right thing is super important. Now, one of the first things that come to the mind while choosing an ensemble is the body type. Normally in India the average height of the women is much lesser as compared to other races. This makes it easy for women to look plumper as compared to other women. Hence to make a right choice is extremely important in case you wish to wear a Lehenga and look slimmer.

There are some dresses like the Sarees and the lehenga Choli that, if draped properly and chosen correctly, can make the wearer look much slimmer than they actually are. In fact, with a proper stylist, this can be easily achieved and hence such dresses are much preferred on the pretext of a slim looking figure. There are some things that have to be noted before we actually give you the step by step process of the process.

Things to Note:

Choose Dark Colours: The lehenga choli that you have chosen for yourself needs to match your personality and skin tone. It also needs to be mentioned that the choice of fabric is of utmost importance. If case, you weigh on the heavier side of the scale, to choose fabrics that the too flowy will make you look fatter. Flowing fabrics that do not have a life of their own is what you need. Also please choose the colour and patterns with careful attention to detail. Bolder prints with bigger patterns would make you look fatter, whereas smaller prints and lighter embroidery would make you looks slimmer.

Choose Your makeup and accessories: It is also essential to note that the make-up used and the colour choices made are able to add to the persona of the individual. With a better make up a better look can be attained. Contouring can make a chubby face look slim.

Fits and Cuts of the lehenga: The fitting of the lehenga is a major concern for most of the people where in the fittings that have to be made have to be as per the body shape. The entire look can be totally ruined in case you lehenga is not the proper shape and cut. Make sure that it has been well stitched.

Keep the Shoes right: Understand that you would have to stand in the footwear for a long time. With respect to this fact in mind, the choice of the footwear has to be made carefully. Take block heals for example that can make you look on the plumper side. Slim heels and stilettoes can make you look slimmer.

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Here is a step by step guide that you can use to drape a lehenga Choli such that you can look slimmer.

Lehenga Choli for Slimmer Look

  1. The length of the lehenga should be floor touching. Anything that shoes your feet of footwear will make you look fatter
  2. The lehenga and choli need to have at least a gap of 6 inches between the waist of the lehenga and the bottom border of the choli.
  3. Make sure that the Choli and the waist of the lehenga are not too tight to make you feel plumper
  4. From the point that is 6 inches to the right of the navel, tuck in the Chunni, drape tightly around the stomach and the waist in one complete circle
  5. In the second round, bring it over the left shoulder and let it flow loose. This is the way in which it would cover you without making you feel plump

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